Two-family home, Nesodden

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SolArk / Paul Hughson


  • From plot wonderful views of the capital – opposite the Opera
  • Plot was built with an older cabin, which showed signs of wear and was not winter insulated
  • Zoning plan from 1976!
  • High price for the plot


  • High utilization rate (semi-detached house)
  • Solid wood as a load-bearing structure in climate shell and floor slab
  • Building materials from renewable resources: wood (solid wood, insulation materials), stone, glass
  • Low energy standard
  • Both housing units with breathtaking views of the Oslo Fjord (to the east)
  • Diagonal in east-west direction separates the two living unit from each other
  • Two single pitched roofs towards each other
  • Unit North with approx. 130m2 BRA extends in SW past the slightly less southern unit to access direct sunlight
  • Unit South with approx. 90m2 BRA extends in NE past and thus has a slightly screened terrace and balcony
  • Visual impact from the road as a single-story building (submerged)
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Carsten Lüdemann
Postb. 8
N-3165 Tjøme, Norway
Email: info(@) 

Carsten Lüdemann
Postb. 8
N-3165 Tjøme, Norway
Email: info(@)