… a home that

  • is a good place to be
  • gives you shelter from the weather
  • embraces you with a warm atmosphere
  • take good care of yourself
  • is as large as needed for 2 (+2)
  • has a small footprint for climate & environment
  • is built with materials from renewable raw materials
  • is self-sufficient with electric power and heat
  • has its own system for wastewater
  • can grow with your needs
  • is flexible in terms of expansion (vertical and horizontal)

Then you can look forward to “HOME” – a microhouse based on modules and built in massive wood. If desired, turnkey.

The dream will soon come true … follow along and join:)

“You may say I am a dreamer – but I am not the only one”:)

– John Lennon –



coming soon…


Massiv Wood Produser:   (*ekstern link)

Planwork:  (*ekstern link)

Research:   (*ekstern link)

Energycalculations:   (*ekstern link)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA):   (*ekstern link)

Permaculture:   (*ekstern link)


coming soon…