Experimental energy selvsufficient greenhouse, Åsgårdstrand

3D-visualization Greenhouse

The farm owner wanted to establish a greenhouse that can be used all year round, using minimal heating energy to get through the winter. Here, an attempt is made to store heat energy from the summer in the ground, which can then slowly rise into the greenhouse over the colder season.

Addition to mountain cabin in the Hardanger Vidda, Ustaoset

The owners of the existing Hallingsdalstue (cottage) wanted a small extension, which blends harmoniously into the existing simple cottage which is build with logs and cladded with wooden panel. At the same time, a certain modern expression is desirable, which emphasizes that this is a later extension. The extension is then build of trusses with […]

Two-family home, Nesodden

Aerial image from SE

Origin: From plot wonderful views of the capital – opposite the Opera Plot was built with an older cabin, which showed signs of wear and was not winter insulated Zoning plan from 1976! High price for the plot Concept: High utilization rate (semi-detached house) Solid wood as a load-bearing structure in climate shell and floor […]

Strawbale house on rockface – Tjøme, Norway

Demanding plot – smart solutions 🙂 * Goal: Low energy standard* Building materials: straw & wood & clay* Natural materials and natural ventilation* Heating: Solar panels + Fireplace with water connection  

Cabin at the sea, Fevik

Cottage by the sea. The assignment included a proposal for an extention and total rehabilitation. Challenge: directy by the sea, within 100m belt. Therefore, proposals were made with special regard to effects from the sea side. In other words, a restrained, small impression, adapted to the terrain and background.

Tytingen: an energy selfsufficient mountain farm, Southern Norway

Tytingen-Aerial Picture

In the Western Setesdal Mountains lies a mountain farm – nothing more than a ruin of an old barn was left… T Y T I N G E N Concept: Lowenergystandard according to TEK10 Building materials of renewable resources Wood material for timber from own forrest, cellulose fiber for insulation Prefabrication in the valley at […]

Lifeguard house in Scharbeutz, Germany

Exterior walls: in 320mm solid wood + 35mm wood fiber board + air layer + cladding (larch) interior walls: 180mm solid wood partitions: 180mm solid wood + clay boards + clay plaster roof: 210mm solid wood + 35mm wood fiber board + 350mm straw (Reet) vapor diffusion open construction Consulting Construction / Solid wood: Dipl.Ing.Arkitekt […]

Steinerschool on the lakeshore of Mjøsa, Norway

VG Steinerskole Hedemarken

New building for Highschool at “Steinerskolen in Hedmark”. Designed and announced as a revolutionary pilot project:  100% solid wood in all loadbearing structures preheating / cooling of supply air via culvert in the ground 100% building materials from renewable resources After obtaining a tender for the project, it became clear that costs for concrete work […]

Appartment Building in Hamar, Norway

Renovation of 3 storey office building to apartment building with a new attic (4th floor), as well as parking basement Detail-Engineering: Dipl.Ing.Ark. MNAL Carsten Lüdemann

Kindergarden, Norway

Designed as Diploma Thesis for Bygland Kommune. Idea behind the design is to create sunlight flooded rooms for all children. Task was to build 3 sections for up to 60 children. Each of theses sections, which are arranged like wings around a central common area. The form refers to the ancient nordic symbole of the […]

House at the Byglandsfjord, Norway

Hus ved Byglandsfjorden

The basis of this draft was a rectangle as a base with approx. 10.5 m times 7.0 m. In addition there is an extension to the east as an entrance and an extension to the west as a “winter garden”. The house is aligned parallel to the fjord beach and the road. The floor plan […]

Researchbuilding University in Lübeck, Germany

Ny tak etter branntest

Link: http://www.regionalhaus-sh.de Link to measuring instruments Test Field 1: http://www.regionalhaus-luebeckerbucht.de/versuchsfeld1.html Test field 2: http://www.regionalhaus-luebeckerbucht.de/versuchsfeld2.html Published here in the distance of 5min * temperature inside and out * rainfall * wind conditions * Moisture in straw, solid wood and fibreboard Info outer walls: in 320mm solid wood + 22mm wood fiber board + air layer + […]

Skihighschool in Hovden – Setesdal, Norway

Extension Hovden High School Base: • Number of teachers: 12 • Number of coaches: 8 • Number of pupils: (goal) 120 • Add Grendehus (approx.): 4 • Add Water Park: ————————– • Fixed need for lunch collected: 145 (approx.) All employees / pupils Inquire about architectural design / design language: • Lighter entrance area • […]

Addition to SingleFamilyHome, Norway

Elevation South

The owners of an existing detached house in traditional timber construction wanted an extension with bathroom, hallway and sewing room as well as a free-standing garage building.

Low Energy Family Home Germany

House Eckernförde

Construction starts April 27, 2010, 5 days the carpenters from SOHM in Austria assemble prefabricated elements and the house quickly rises! Everything fits together and quality and precision are outstanding. Moving in at the end of August 2010, when the windows are installed, underfloor heating is applied, tiles are in place, all walls with fermacell […]

Family house with office, Norway

Architect’s thoughts on design and size and units of use • Given a relatively limited area per floor, 4 units (2 apartments downstairs and 2 apartments for mother and aunt) are either very cramped or not spacious . • In addition, the sky, the slope, the neighborhood must be taken into account . • The […]

Cabin in Wendland, Germany

Cabin from Canadian company “Confederation Log Homes” 8 “timber of” white pine ” (First project for architect student C.L.:=)